Reduce excess

Why is it that you always have too much of the items that don't sell? Excess inventory in your warehouse is a major problem:

  • You have to warehouse it, costing you money
  • You have to insure it, costing you money
  • It's value depreciates over time, costing you money
  • It gets stolen, costing you money
  • You have to keep counting the same stock over-and-over, costing you money
  • A large chunk of working capital is tied up in dead stock, costing you money

NETSTOCK can help you release working capital by reducing your excess inventory.


Minimise stock-outs

Stock-outs are terrible for your business. When a customer wants to buy an item from you and you don’t have stock:

  • You are losing the sale of the product
  • The customer may decide to buy their whole basket of products from your competitor
  • Your competitor may give your customer great service, and now you've lost a customer for life

Stop fighting fires all day. Use NETSTOCK to minimise your stock-outs and increase your sales.


Place orders quicker

It's your least favourite time of the month: Ordering time. You spend hours, if not days doing mundane, soul destroying work:

  • Gather all sales figures for all products from a supplier
  • Attempt to do a forecast, taking into account seasonality and trends
  • Guess what kind of safety margin you should build in, because you don't trust your forecast, or your supplier
  • Check what stock you still have on-hand, and offset it with firm orders from customers
  • Take the lead time for delivery into account
  • Take minimum order quantities, order multiples, or other supplier constraints into account

By the time you have all this information together in the mother-of-all Excel spreadsheets, it's out of date. Instead of fighting spreadsheets every month, let NETSTOCK help you place optimal orders in minutes instead of hours or days.

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