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Terms and conditions

  1. 50% of the Activation fee (the initial activation fee) as per the Tier selected will be invoiced following the return of our Sign-on Form
  2. Work will start as soon as possible after receipt of your initial Activation payment
  3. The date of receipt of your 1st payment will be the ?Activation date? for all future fees
  4. You may cancel this agreement during the first 30 days from the Activation date. This will result in terminating all future billing. The initial Activation fee will however not be returned
  5. The balance of the Activation fee or adjusted Activation fee, resulting from a change in your inventory value, will be invoiced 30 days after the Activation date or as otherwise agreed
  6. The Activation fee covers a standard install and access to all online and tutorial based training material. This also includes online chat, e-mail and telephonic support to assist in the implementation and to provide guidance during the first 3 months from the Activation date
  7. The monthly subscription is due and payable monthly in advance starting 30 days from the Activation date and is based on the Tier level associated with the value of your inventory in NETSTOCK. This fee will be established and agreed 30 days from the Activation date or as otherwise agreed and provides for an unlimited number of users, locations and items per database
  8. The monthly subscription fee will be adjusted up or down as a result of changes in your inventory value and will require 30 days notice. Your subscription fee will be reviewed on a six monthly basis starting from the Activation date
  9. The monthly subscription and support rates may be subject to an annual escalation
  10. No term contract other than one calendar month?s written notice is required
  11. Data integrity is the responsibility of the customer
  12. As far as possible, all work will be done remotely to help contain the costs ? To support this, remote access to servers and assistance from your IT team will be required
  13. All direct costs for travel and subsistence has been excluded and will be agreed in advance and billed at cost
  14. Support after the initial three month period will be billed at our standard hourly rate in 60 minute intervals
  15. Payment for subscriptions and services are due on presentation of invoices
  16. Overdue invoices will result in the suspension of the service and interest being charged on the overdue amounts at 2.0% above Citi Bank?s Prime overdraft rate of interest
  17. Any applicable, State or local tax has been excluded from all fees and will be added to our fees
  18. This document is confidential and for your company?s exclusive use
  19. Terms of Use are published on our Website which may be updated from time to time
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