You can’t manage what you don’t measure. The only way to keep on top of things is with focus:

  • the dashboard KPIs track your service levels and stock holdings, so you can monitor how you are improving
  • the exception lists highlight the worst offenders, enabling you to focus on items that are having a big impact on your business

Stock holding KPIs

Dashboard Stock Holding

  • Track your Stock holding over time against your Model inventory
  • Quickly drill into your highest stock levels
  • Make sure you’re heading in the right direction
  • Review items that are selling less than the forecast before they end up with excess

Dashboard Excess Stock

  • Track the exact amount of Excess inventory in your warehouse over time
  • Drill-down into the worst offenders, so that you can take immediate action
  • Sometimes it is better to write-off dead stock, than to carry it for years and years

Surplus orders

  • Get early warning of orders that you have placed that will push your inventory into excess
  • Cancel or reduce those orders to prevent your precious working capital being tied up in dead inventory

Service level KPIs


  • Track your Fill rate against your target fill rate
  • Quickly drill into the items with the worst fill rate
  • Make sure you’re heading in the right direction
  • Review items where you are selling more than the forecast before they stock out

Stock Outs

  • Track the exact amount of lost sales because of stock-outs
  • Drill-down into the worst offenders, so that you can take immediate action
  • Sometimes it is better to buy the stock at a higher cost than to run the risk of losing a customer
  • Make more sales because you have the right inventory in the warehouse

Potential Stock Outs

  • Get early warning of items that will stock out, before they affect your fill rate
  • Procure those items as soon as possible to prevent potential lost sales
  • Prevent future fill rate issues

Make best use of your time

These days there is just not enough time to get to everything. By focussing on the top 5 exceptions for each of the KPI above, you will have a significant impact on the overall health of your inventory and consequently the success of your business.


  • The worst items in each category are shown on the “top 5” exception lists
  • Typically a significant % of the overall problem can be fixed by addressing the top 5-10 exceptions
  • Every item you fix on these lists drives your inventory towards your Stocking Policy

New items need attention

Dashboard New Items

New items have stock on hand and/or outstanding purchase orders but for which there is no forecast demand.

Each item is highlighted so that you can:

  • Make it non-stocked or obsolete if you do not want to keep the item in stock
  • Supersede it if the item replaces another item, enabling the new item to get a forecast based on the combined sales history
  • Add a manual forecast based on your sales expectation if it is a brand new item at this location

Highlight data purity problems

Dashboard Data Purity

  • Let’s face it: Maintaining 100% discipline in your ERP system is hard
  • However those bad discipline days are impairing your ability to plan replenishment properly
  • NETSTOCK will highlight where the worst problems are, and give you lists of items to fix. Those lists can be exported to Excel for easy review.
  • With over 50 checks NETSTOCK will help you keep you inventory-related information in tip-top shape
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