Stocking policy

Drive your inventory plan with a well-defined policy

NETSTOCK™ will drive every replenishing decision based on your stocking policy. Your stocking policy allows you to balance two very important aspects of your business:

  • Investment in stock – How much money you can invest in stock
  • Target fill rate – How well you want to supply your customers

NETSTOCK™ allows you to achieve higher fill to your customers, while at the same time saving money in inventory investment. This is achieved through allocating safety stock to the green blocks (where the valuable items are moving fast), and taking it away from the red blocks (where the invaluable items aren’t moving).

Once you set your stocking policy, NETSTOCK™ will set a corresponding safety stock level for every item in every location. This allows us to get a model level for every item. Once we have a model, it’s easy to see where your stock is out of balance.

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