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6 Day Inventory Crash Course



If you are suffering from any of the following inventory problems:

  • Too much of the stuff that doesn’t sell? Overstocking in inventory means:
    • You have to warehouse with excess inventory
    • You have to insure the excess inventory
    • You have to keep doing stock-counts
  • Too little of the stuff that does sell? Stocking out means:
    • You lose sales
    • You may lose the whole basket of sales
    • You can even lose the customer for ever
  • Too much time spent on placing orders? A cumbersome purchasing process means:
    • Time wasted on compiling all the information from your ERP system
    • By the time you get all the data together, it’s out of date
    • All the time spent ordering takes your focus away from other important business issues


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In this course you will learn the following in short daily emails:

  • Day 1: Classify products to focus resources
  • Day 2: Forecast management and its impact on inventory performance
  • Day 3: Why holding the right safety stock is so important
  • Day 4: Setting inventory policy in line with realistic targets
  • Day 5: Effective ordering to reduce excess and minimizes stock-outs
  • Day 6: Exception based inventory management

After completing this course you will know how to:

Make more sales

because you have the right inventory in the right place at the right time

Reduce your cash flow requirements

because you won’t stock the wrong items

Fight fewer fires

because you’ll have a good system to place purchase orders on your suppliers