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Is there time to save your business?

Country lockdowns, as a result of COVID-19, have affected a third of the global population, and governments from around the world are doing what they can to assist small companies during this time. Airlines have... Read More


Identifying and managing supplier risk.

Suppliers are a fundamental link in the supply chain over which you, as a business, have little control. There is always the inherent possibility that deliveries will not be on time, and even if they... Read More


An Inventory planner’s dilemma post Coronavirus.

As of March 4th, 2020, the Coronavirus has spread to 80 countries, killing more than 3200 and infecting over 90 000, mostly in China. Besides all the tragic loss to human lives, companies are taking... Read More

Is software ownership a thing of the past?

Many senior managers that were born in the ’60s or ’70s were taught by their parents that it was better to buy software, buildings, and other assets to reduce the expenses incurred in interest and... Read More

Safety stock – Just like an insurance policy but for your stock.

The supply chain revolves around supply and demand. If suppliers delivered on time every time and we could predict what our customers were going to buy, we could match the supply and demand, and all... Read More

How prepared is your manufacturing business for the impending economic recession?

The USA economy saw a record-breaking 11-year economic expansion. Indicators now show that we are heading into an economic slowdown. The hiring of new staff and the demand for labor has weakened across the board.... Read More

Trade wars – opportunity or threat to your supply chain?

The trade negotiations between the USA and China seem to be moving in the right direction, and although it looks like they are close to a formalized agreement, there is still a lack of clarity... Read More

Natural disasters are on the increase worldwide. Can you lower the financial impact these have on your supply chain operation?

From hurricane Dorian in the Bahama’s to the fires in the Amazon basin to cyclone Idai in Mozambique, natural disasters are on the increase. While governments and industries struggle to align on the short term... Read More

Recession and Supply Chains

If a recession comes, is your supply chain ready?

It’s easy to look at stock market volatility and begin to wonder about the health of the economy. While it’s always worth remembering that indexes like the Dow Jones or the FTSE aren’t truly representative... Read More

How Your Sales and Ops Teams Affect Your Inventory

The styles of the Sales Manager and the Inventory Planner are usually total opposites. And when you throw the Finance and Marketing people into the mix, well, things can get interesting when trying to reach... Read More

Brexit and inventory management

Brexit’s effect on supply chains

The issue of Brexit has taken over the airwaves and is very much top of mind — especially for leaders of companies within the UK and companies that provide products or services to the UK.... Read More

Extend your demand planning in Acumatica

In a previous blog post, we looked at the difference between Inventory Control and Inventory Management. Today, we want to look specifically at Acumatica, a true-cloud ERP application that has seen significant growth over the... Read More

Minimizing damaged inventory

Minimizing your inventory loss (part 2): damaged, spoiled, and expired inventory

In our previous article, we examined inventory loss as a result of theft and we gave some tips on how best to reduce these problems. This week, we’re going to look at reducing risk on... Read More

Inventory Loss via Theft

The types of inventory loss and how to minimize your risk (part 1)

Inventory loss is either a result of admin mistakes, spoilage/stock damage, expired product, or even theft – all of which can end up being a substantial amount of loss if there are no prevention plans... Read More

incorrect levels driving excess inventory

Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory (5 of 5)

Incorrect levels drive excess inventory It may seem a bit obvious to say that incorrect levels can lead to excess inventory, but let’s dive in on this for just a minute. Levels are determined by... Read More

Supplier causing excess inventory

Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory (4 of 5)

Supplier constraints lead to planning complications Dealing with suppliers requires some give and take. Even the best and most efficient suppliers out there will have some constraints that need to be accounted for to keep... Read More

Global Data and 3D visualization of information tracking. 3D Illustration.

Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory (3 of 5)

Is customer forecasting creating excess inventory? When we discuss forecasting with prospective clients, one common topic is customer forecasts. Many planners are adamant that they should create forecasts per customer, per product, per warehouse. The... Read More

Old dirty shabby and new unworn sneakers close-up on color background, free space for advertisement or text

Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory (2 of 5)

Are new items causing your excess inventory? Businesses need to move forward in order to avoid stagnating or becoming irrelevant, and for many businesses that means starting new product lines. It’s not always easy to... Read More

Rainy day

Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory (1 of 5)

Bad forecasts lead to excess Let’s start with the leading cause of excess inventory: bad forecasts. Lots of management types skip right past this one, thinking they don’t really use forecasts in the first place.... Read More

Woman carrying on her shoulders a large box.

The 5 Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory

Is your business hiding some extra weight in the back of your warehouse where nobody goes? It’s a problem most business managers don’t like to think about.  We hide the excess in complex spreadsheets and... Read More