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Last updated: Dec 16th, 2019

USA Customer Support Specialist Job Description

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

The customer support specialist role is there to provide timely front line support to customers through the chat facility as well as ticketing system in use. The support role needs to understand the software working and inventory planning methodologies well and be able to articulate this clearly in written form to customers via these forums. This is a role that over time will allow the support person to evolve into other areas of the operations team as a good understanding of the product and its application is vital to helping customers in implementation and success initiatives.


In today’s online world, ALL companies that buy and sell products are faced with huge challenges to compete and deal with the complexities that the global village has brought. In the past Inventory planning was something that each company just invented and learnt how to do on their own. Bigger companies found really expensive and complicated systems and used consultants to make their supply chain their competitive advantage. That was really expensive and limited to only big corporates. Smaller businesses simply could not compete and were being left behind or failing. NETSTOCK was created to bring this level of sophistication to the small to medium size businesses to allow them to compete in this arena without the hefty price tag.

NETSTOCK has developed and refined a series of pre-built connectors to over 40 different ERP systems and has a well defined on-boarding process that takes the pain away from hefty consulting bills for customers. That has allowed us to rapidly grow to over 1500 amazing customers around the world. We have teams now in USA, South Africa, UK, Australia and Europe that engage with customers all from home offices. With a little over 50 employees worldwide supporting that volume of customers and growing the rate we are, it is clear we are onto an amazing concept here that customers are embracing. Come join us on this amazing journey and help improve the lives of customers around the world!

Skills and Qualifications

Skills required include:

The support person will later be required to work from a home office and will need to develop and learn the specific methodologies and NETSTOCK application as well as the supporting tools we use for communication. Initial orientation and learning may require that the support person works from an office to help with skills development. 

Job Duties


Growth opportunities

As a rapidly growing company the growth options are really quite wide. We do see this role developing mainly into one of the following three options depending on the skills demonstrated as well as the inclination of the candidate to grow into one of these areas: 

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