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Case Studies


"Besides the robust features in the product, I have found NETSTOCK’s e-learning platform and online training materials to be far superior to any other software application that I have dealt with in the past"

Taylan Sevimli
Business Development Manager

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“I can confidently say that in the short time we have been using NETSTOCK, it has made a world of difference to our business."

Mahenderen Pillay
National Product Executive

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“Our fill rate has improved by over 30% since we implemented NETSTOCK nine months ago.”

Spencer Keast
Country Manager

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“With NETSTOCK, we have minimized our stock-outs, improved our customer service levels, and saved time doing it.”

Steven Montanez
Vice President of Operations

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“We have found the ongoing support to be exceptional, and our customer journey with NETSTOCK since the start has been superb.”

Steve Copeland

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“By having the right tool for the job, we have balanced our inventory, reduced our excess by £150 000, and improved our fill rate by 15%.“

Luke Timney
Supply Chain Manager

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"We have seen many benefits using NETSTOCK in our commercial division, but I believe we’ll see a lot more once our retail stores are live."

Dustin Stringfellow
Group Procurement Executive

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"I am confident to recommend NETSTOCK to any size business that wants to balance their inventory investment and, at the same time, achieve and maintain high levels of customer service."

Tony Foley

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"Reducing our excess inventory and the ability to focus on demand fluctuations was all we needed to confirm that we made the right decision with NETSTOCK."

Adam Caracciolo
Supply Chain Manager

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"Along with the comprehensive feature set found in NETSTOCK, I found them to be 100% transparent in everything they do."

James Shotts
VP of Operations

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"The NETSTOCK classification matrix and policy parameters have completely changed the way we look at inventory."

Steve Killworth
Operations Director / Select Hardware

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"We have been using NETSTOCK for about a year, and it’s been inspiring for me to watch the inventory come down by R30 million without impacting on our customer service levels."

Michael Bonorchis
Demand Planner / Tuffy

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"We implemented NETSTOCK shortly prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and our team is already seeing the benefits."

Katheryn Asenjo
Supply Chain Team Leader / Western Power

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"The NETSTOCK price point is extremely competitive and it was exciting to see such a quick return on our investment."

Moeen Zakaria
Director / Al-Noor Lasani

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"I can honestly say that NETSTOCK is by far the best planning system I have ever worked with in my over 20 years of supply chain management experience."

Lori Darrow
Supply Chain Manager / Crazy Aaron Enterprises, Inc.

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"Since the implementation of NETSTOCK, our stock-outs have decreased considerably. We have been able to use customer forecast inputs to refine our forecasts to greater accuracy."

Ronald Schlosz
Procurement Supervisor / Deslee Mattex

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"The NETSTOCK application redefines and rebalances your stocking profile, bringing efficiencies to investment, productivity, warehousing, and stock turns."

Bill Brierley
Managing Director / Rodo Limited

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"We were able to reduce our inventory value by an impressive $1,000,000 thanks to NETSTOCK."

Becky Wilkinson
Supply Chain Manager / Hartland Controls

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"The Inventory benchmarks have been excellent for quickly evaluating trends to make actionable decisions."

Matt Kovarick
Purchasing Manager / Ryan's Pet Supplies

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"Whether you are spinning in the Millions or the Billions, this tool can crunch it."

Brett Wakeley
Head of Product and Procurement / TraffiGlove

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"What used to take weeks to refresh and review our data now takes a fraction of the time and allows us to make more timely decisions."

Dan Watterson
Global Head of Operations / Zhik

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“NETSTOCK will take your inventory management to another level and, at the same time, optimize efficiencies in your buying departments."

Luisa Tropartz
Head of Buying / Faithful to Nature

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“NETSTOCK has been unquestionably the best software implementation we’ve experienced. The process was well managed, and the results have been fantastic.”

Tim Edmondson
Managing Director / Edco

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"Trying to navigate the ebbs and flows that seasonal supply and demand brings proved difficult. Without relevant data to assist with forecasts, we were basing our orders on sales history and gut instinct."

Richard Stevens
Financial Director / Ryobi South Africa

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"Through the use of a simple but very effective "management by exception" approach, NETSTOCK brings order and simplicity to SKU level decision making that can sometimes overwhelm the decision-maker. For us, it was a game changer."

Conor McKeown
Managing Director / Annaghmore Agencies Ltd.

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Stonegate Precision Tools

"I researched several inventory management applications, all who claimed to provide what we needed for our business. When it came to the crunch, NETSTOCK was the only solution able to deliver on our expectations."

Alan Pollard
Operations Manager / Stonegate Precision Tooling

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Fujifilm - South Africa

"After the implementation of NETSTOCK, we have full visibility of our inventory. We have managed to reduce our excess stock, improve our fill rate, and have saved a huge amount of time doing so."

Petros Mdunge
Senior Logistics Administrator / Fujifilm SA

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"We were sold when we discovered that it was a cloud-based solution, which made it easy to adopt, and the monthly costs were very attractive as they are based on the value of your stock."

Christopher Comodikes
Operations & Supply Chain Executive / Pack Leader

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“By reducing our inventory costs by over R40 million, we were able to optimize our working capital and use this elsewhere in the growth of the business.”

Jacobus Redelinghuys
Supply Chain Manager / Pharma Dynamics

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PrionTex NETSTOCK testimonial

“[NETSTOCK’s] forecasting performance tool is outstanding and many other forecasting/buying tools on the market do not offer this feature.”

Jean Wallace
Purchasing Director / Aurora Lighting Group

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Truaudio Logo

"The ROI we get from NETSTOCK makes it an easy investment gives all of us greater visibility and accountability."

Justin Dudley
Logistics Director / TruAudio

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“The type of information that is provided is fantastic. Being able to know, quickly, these are my top priorities that I need to focus on. I live off the dashboard in NETSTOCK at this point.”

Jeff Whitehouse
Director of Purchasing / QC Manufacturing

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"The Projection Forecast is a wonderful tool and has been a huge benefit helping us manage our cash flows, especially during these turbulent times"

Andrew Smith

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“Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of NETSTOCK is the dashboard, especially when you are looking after numerous stores with large inventory listings.”

Michael Rowland
Inventory Manager / Zebbies Lighting

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PrionTex NETSTOCK testimonial

“The more I use this program, the more I love it. The simplification of complexities makes it overwhelmingly a joy to use this tool.”

John Prevost
CFO / PrionTex

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"Our inventory is in much better shape purely by investing in the right products, with our excess inventory down 36%, stock-outs down 68% and surplus orders down 85%."

Rob Krsanac
General Manager / Ward Packaging

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“We reduced our overall inventory value by 35% and improved our fill rate by 3%. An amazing result!”

Khoe Sheng Neoh
Commercial Manager, Minerals / Imdex Limited

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"We use NETSTOCK every day to get a snapshot of our inventory; fill rates, stock outs and forecasts, helping us to set realistic goals for all aspects of our business. We can’t live without it!"

Josh Eaton
Operations Manager / Starleaton Digital Solutions

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"The process of creating purchase orders and dealing with supply issues is now very efficient; NETSTOCK has become crucial to helping us achieve our aim of 100% customer satisfaction"

Bill Sanderson
Managing Director / Sports Directory

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"The implementation of this great tool was quick and painless and had us kicking goals in no-time"

Ian Goddard
Service & Installation Director / Jason Windows

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"Within 6 months, there was a 14% increase in product availability and a 38% increase in sales with just a 16% increase in focused investment."

Steven Cumper
Director and Co-founder / Medshop Australia

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"We’ve tried several replenishment systems for NetSuite – we’ve found NETSTOCK to be head and shoulders ahead of others in terms of effectiveness."

Peter Macaulay
CEO / Kitchen Warehouse

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"One of our key reasons to implement NETSTOCK was to reduce excess stock. The $500k+ that’s now in our bank account rather than on our warehouse shelves is evidence enough we have achieved that!"

Tim McCredie
General Manager / Barrett Distributors

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