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Forecasting with Netstock

Put the right stock in the right place at the right time

Advanced forecasting results in improved customer satisfaction with less stock: Generate reliable sales forecasts that factor in seasonality and trends. Efficiently find problem areas. Easily assess the overall results and loop in sales and senior management.


You need the right process, people, and tools

Find the balance

Reliable Forecasts

Finds seasonality and trends automatically and creates a reliable baseline forecast

Applied Insight

Easily identifies problem items and lets you apply your business insight and knowledge to get the best results

Automated Process

Feeds into the inventory planning and levels automatically

Measure your inventory holding

And free up working capital
Effective Formulas

Automatically selects the most effective formula for each product each month

Easy-to-Use Visuals

Uses a visual interface that allows you to easily identify inventory issues

Make the Final Call

Allows you to make the final adjustment and override results with your business insight

See the power of NETSTOCK’s advanced forecasting capabilities

Easily Assess Where the Business is Going

Adapt quickly to change
  • Get an accurate picture with top-down visual summaries
  • Make quick adjustments at an aggregate level to deal with changes

Get a demo and see Fill Rate performance tracking in action

Promptly Identify Unusual Product Behavior

And Take Action
  • Prioritize: Top 5 lists let you focus on core issues quickly
  • Drill in: Full reports allow you to go deeper as time allows
  • Collaborate: Use these lists and reports to facilitate team collaboration

Measure the results of forecasting inputs

Know where you stand

  • Track progress: Monthly over/under assessments to see how you improve over time

  • Calculate buffer stock: Individual forecast risk drives the buffer stock calculations

  • Stock levels: Stock level reacts to your forecast accuracy per product per warehouse