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Procure your orders centrally & distribute to your locations efficiently. Set lead times & safety stock parameters at each node in your supply chain.

NETSTOCK Screenshot Ordering

Even small companies have a fairly complex supply chain. NETSTOCK assists you in managing the orders at all the echelons of your supply chain. This results in the right inventory in each node at the right time.


Demand Flows Up

From your customers to your retail outlet, to your central Distribution Center to your supplier. Whether it is forecast demand or firm Customer Orders, the correct demand will flow all the way through to your supplier

Automatically Take Care of Lead Times and Risks

Every link between nodes in your supply chain can have different Lead Times. And the supply risk between each node is measured continuously. An appropriate Safety Stock is then set at each node, ensuring that your Fill Rate objectives are met everywhere.

Confidently Place Orders On Your Suppliers

Every time you place an order on your external suppliers, you are guaranteed that the demand in the entire supply chain is intelligently taken into account.

Transfer inventory from your DC to dependent locations

Create transfer orders from your locations onto your DC-based on calculated demand and risk profiles. Don’t just use historical deliveries to drive this as demand patterns and risks change all the time.

Manage emergency stock-outs by transferring from overstocked locations

Create visibility at each node in the supply chain of not only what stock is elsewhere, but the status of that stock. This makes it far more effective to identify where stock can be moved from and helps reduce the overall excess at the same time.

A unified distribution strategy will drive more efficiencies

So many businesses out there are reliant on branches and DC managers to make independent decisions on the inventory planning requirements. That is no longer good enough as we see companies competing on supply chain efficiencies.

You need tactical replenishment that combines ordering from external vendors and internal