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Place the perfect order every time

NETSTOCK Screenshot Ordering

Classifying, forecasting and setting an optimal stocking policy means nothing if you don’t execute on that policy. NETSTOCK’s Recommended Order Schedule drives every order with the goal of achieving the most balanced, optimal inventory holding.


Which Supplier do I need to place an order from today?

Scan rapidly through the suppliers that need ordering from. Action the most pressing Purchase Orders first.

The ideal Purchase Order

NETSTOCK’s recommendation is always perfectly aligned with your stocking policy. The order ensures that the correct inventory lands in the warehouse at exactly the right time.

Effortlessly deal with Supplier Shutdowns

For immediate action or for extended periods

Panic around events like Chinese New Year is a thing of the past. Simply look forward the desired amount of time and order today what you would have had to order during the shutdown.

Swiftly review the order

Review and revise only those orders where you have additional insight or issues that the computer would not know about. Review the highest value spend more closely to get the best value for your spend.

Intelligently fill a container

Intelligently fill a container
If the ideal order doesn’t quite fill a container, you can top-up the order with items that will come up for re-ordering soon, instead of mindlessly adding future excess.

Send the perfect order back to your ERP

With a single click, the ideal order gets executed in the ERP*. No manual, error-prone capturing of data needed.

*For certified ERP systems