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Acumatica integrated, cloud-based inventory management

True cloud ERP solution, Acumatica, has extensive features and flexibility and does its job exceptionally well. Even though your inventory control is near-perfect in Acumatica, do you still have too much of the inventory that never sells, and are always out of stock of your top-sellers?

Let NETSTOCK show you how we can take your Acumatica inventory to the next level


Place orders quicker

Save time on planning, forecasting and ordering

Minimize stock-outs

Retain your customers and increase your sales

Reduce excess stock

Release cash that is tied up in excess inventory


Acumatica manages many aspects for your warehouse, including:

  • Inventory costs
  • Locations
  • Lot numbers
  • Serial numbers
  • Bin locations
  • Bills of material
  • Production planning
  • Material requirements
  • Purchase orders
  • Sales orders
  • Freight costs

Core features available in Acumatica

  • Min/max replenishment setting.
  • Re-order levels and  seasonality.
  • Better lead times.

If you need to extend beyond these core features, then an investment in a product like NETSTOCK becomes a necessity.

Acumatica with Netstock Enables a More Dynamic View

Of Your Inventory and Takes into Account Supplier Performance

Looking at suppliers’ previous track record:

  • What was their average lead time?
  • Did they deliver part or full orders?
  • How often were they late? By how long?
  • How many times did they not fulfill the entire order?

Having this information enables you to trigger accurate re-order dates and calculate accurate safety stock calculations.

Acumatica and NETSTOCK work together to provide a full inventory control AND inventory management experience for your business and your customers. NETSTOCK delivers the data insights and intelligence needed to accurately forecast your inventory, and Acumatica is ready to execute these tasks to completion. Together, creating a full 360 ‘ solution that puts you in the driver’s seat to create a more balanced and more profitable inventory.

The Foundation of Netstock is the Item Classifications

Classifying Items is a Crucial Step as it Allows You to Focus on your Primary SKU's - the Ones that Bring You Most of your Business

We look at two analysis methods and structure our items classification using an overlay of both. Classifying items enable you to treat target fill rates individually and not paint them all with the same brush. As an example, your bread and butter items will require a higher target fill rate.

The ABC classification method divides your items into A, B, and C categories (How you split up your ABC is unique to each business)
A being the most valuable (Top 80%)
B being the average valuable (Next 15%)
C being the least valuable (Last 5%)

The HML analysis classifies by sales velocity (number of unit sales)
H items are your fast movers
M your medium
L your slow movers

Let NETSTOCK show you how we can take your Acumatica inventory to the next level for distribution and manufacturing.

Customer Praise

"The ROI we get from NETSTOCK makes it an easy investment gives all of us greater visibility and accountability."

Justin Dudley
Logistics Director / Truaudio

“NETSTOCK will take your inventory management to another level and, at the same time, optimize efficiencies in your buying departments.”

Luisa Tropartz
Head of Buying @ Faithful to Nature

“Without NETSTOCK we would be spending a lot more time on spreadsheets, forecasting, doing our own calculations, and not putting as much time into actually placing the order, expediting, or managing our suppliers."

Craig West
Group Procurement Manager / All Round Supplies

“NETSTOCK has been unquestionably the best software implementation we’ve experienced. The process was well managed, and the results have been fantastic.”

Tim Edmondson
Managing Director @ Edgar Edmondson

“By reducing our inventory costs by over R40 million, we were able to optimize our working capital and use this elsewhere in the growth of the business.”

Jacobus Redelinghuys
Supply Chain Manager / Pharma Dynamics

"We were sold when we discovered that it was a cloud-based solution, which made it easy to adopt, and the monthly costs were very attractive as they are based on the value of your stock."

Christopher Comodikes
Operations & Supply Chain Executive / Pack Leader


How it Works

Start improving your inventory in as little as 48 hours

Import from Acumatica

Whether your Acumatica is on-premise or in the cloud, NETSTOCK will connect in minutes

Preview your Data

In just an hour or two NETSTOCK will show where you have too much or too little inventory

Start Optimizing

Start benefiting from optimal levels and purchase orders within a few days of installation

Why Acumatica Customers Love NETSTOCK

  • Quick, painless installation & easy on-boarding
  • Immediate visibility into inventory health
  • Daily improvements in inventory performance
  • See ROI in the first month of using NETSTOCK
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