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A smarter, more agile inventory management solution


The inventory management capabilities in Syspro ERP are extensive in that they provide functionality around supplier information, product categories, and locations. This data is used to perform functions such as forecasting and recommended orders.

Syspro's inventory management functionality may be suitable for some companies, but it may not tick all the boxes for others. NETSTOCK integrates with Syspro to extend the inventory functionality and provides a smarter, more agile inventory experience.

See how Netstock takes your Syspro Inventory to the next level


Items Classification

Syspro uses a Pareto analysis to classify their inventory; however, they base their classifications on 1 criterion only, which uses sales value to distinguish items. At NETSTOCK, we enhance inventory accuracy by using two criteria, the ABC for sales value and HML (high, medium, low) for sales velocity.

See the NETSTOCK classification matrix and how this enables you to prioritize your time and inventory dollars.

Forecasting new Items

New items are forecasted using a proxy method in Syspro, where the new item is judged on another item with the same or similar characteristics. To achieve a better seasonal forecast, NETSTOCK instead assigns the new item to a group of like for like items. This group would have an established seasonal forecast that we use to base the new item’s forecast.

Safety Stock

NETSTOCK achieves dynamic safety stock levels, which provides a far more accurate calculation. Safety stock is calculated on each item’s classification. If something changes to an item, for example, the supplier becomes unreliable, the supply risk will automatically escalate, and NETSTOCK will automatically increase the safety stock level. This ensures that you never have too much or too little in your safety stock buckets.

Top-Up Orders

When placing recommended orders, there is often space left in the container that should be topped up to make the shipping as cost-effective as possible. NETSTOCK scans your inventory and selects items that are close to needing replenishment. This makes sure that you top up with the right products instead of manually adding to your container based on gut feel instead of data insights.

Why Syspro customers love NETSTOCK

"The NETSTOCK classification matrix and policy parameters have completely changed the way we look at inventory. By trusting the NETSTOCK application and adhering to its forecast recommendations, we have reduced our inventory by 25%."



Syspro customer, Select Hardware was finding it increasingly difficult to manage their 4,000 plus SKU’s in a spreadsheet. To forecast and set safety stock percentages at item level was far too time-consuming, so they adopted a ‘one size fits’ all approach, which often resulted in excess stock. Download their case study to see their inventory journey with NETSTOCK.

View Case Study


Make Better Inventory Decisions

Is your manufacturing planning optimal?

As a manufacturing business, you probably have an existing solution that enables you to set your inventory levels, plan your manufacturing, suggest raw materials and components you need to order to support your manufacturing process.

Trying to manage your inventory in a manufacturing environment is extremely complex and not something that can be done easily in a spreadsheet. If your current processes and systems do not support or handle complexities, now is the time to explore alternatives.

Curious how NETSTOCK tackles this problem?

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Integrating your Syspro with NETSTOCK provides a smarter, more sophisticated inventory management solution that will give you a balanced and profitable inventory return.

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