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The Inventory Mentor

Driverless trucks and supply chains

How will driverless trucks affect supply chains?

The trucking industry estimates that it needs to hire nearly 900,000 new truck drivers over the next decade to meet the ever-increasing need to deliver goods. The trucking industry is the largest industry in the... Read More

Stock-outs hurt business

Minimizing stock-outs without piling on excess stock

For warehouse managers, the phrase “stock outage” should be banned from the inventory dictionary. With today’s technology and the available tools, there is simply no reason why you should ever be out of stock on... Read More

Inventory Management with Acumatica

Extend your demand planning in Acumatica

In a previous blog post, we looked at the difference between Inventory Control and Inventory Management. Today, we want to look specifically at Acumatica, a true-cloud ERP application that has seen significant growth over the... Read More

Supply Chain Cloud Software

To cloud or not to cloud – it’s no longer a question

Most fast-paced companies are continuously striving for a leaner and more productive operation within their supply chain business. They are always looking for new and improved ideas, techniques, and methods to gain a competitive advantage.... Read More

Wearables and the Warehouse of the Future

Wearables and the Warehouse of the Future

The priority of the warehouse of the future is no longer the general storage of goods, but rather a focus on the fast movement of products with as few touches as possible. The way Inventory... Read More

IMS tips and tricks

Successful Inventory Management Software implementation tips

Improving your inventory balance gives your company a competitive edge: lower costs and higher customer fill rates lead to more success. Conversely, neglecting your inventory means dramatically reduced profits, which could even result in company... Read More

Minimizing damaged inventory

Minimizing your inventory loss (part 2): damaged, spoiled, and expired inventory

In our previous article, we examined inventory loss as a result of theft and we gave some tips on how best to reduce these problems. This week, we’re going to look at reducing risk on... Read More

Inventory Loss via Theft

The types of inventory loss and how to minimize your risk (part 1)

Inventory loss is either a result of admin mistakes, spoilage/stock damage, expired product, or even theft – all of which can end up being a substantial amount of loss if there are no prevention plans... Read More

Inventory Control vs Inventory Management?

Inventory Control and Inventory Management – do you know the difference?

In today’s technologically advanced business landscape, you are doing a massive injustice to your business by not automating your inventory processes. It doesn’t need to cost you large sums, and you will undoubtedly see an... Read More

How Automated is Your Supply Chain?

How automated is your supply chain?

In previous articles, we have looked at the Real Cost of Inventory and at the Internal and External Factors that affect your inventory planning and management. In this article, we’ll look at Artificial Intelligence, IOT,... Read More