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The Inventory Mentor

Creating an accurate demand forecast – an inventory perspective.

If you don’t know what you are going to sell tomorrow, how can you decide what to buy today? Having the tools to help you create the best possible forecast, results in optimal purchasing and... Read More

5G – The game-changer for Industry 4 and supply chain companies.

Industry 4.0 brings us exciting technologies, designed to improve business efficiencies by automating processes. For Industry 4.0 technologies to be beneficial, they need fast and reliable networks, and this is where we will see a... Read More

Trade wars – opportunity or threat to your supply chain?

The trade negotiations between the USA and China seem to be moving in the right direction, and although it looks like they are close to a formalized agreement, there is still a lack of clarity... Read More

Who’s playing leapfrog in your supply chain? How do your cyber-security systems measure up?

It is predicted that global cybercrime damages will cost up to $6 trillion annually by 2021. Cybercrime is replacing traditional crime – why? First and foremost, a cybercriminal can target vastly more “victims” at one... Read More

Monthly versus weekly inventory forecasting, and delusions of accuracy!

Businesses often insist on forecasting weekly, based on considerable demand variation from week to week. The belief is that weekly forecasting will be more accurate, will improve their replenishment planning, and will lead to a... Read More

Natural disasters are on the increase worldwide. Can you lower the financial impact these have on your supply chain operation?

From hurricane Dorian in the Bahama’s to the fires in the Amazon basin to cyclone Idai in Mozambique, natural disasters are on the increase. While governments and industries struggle to align on the short term... Read More

How will job roles in the supply chain be affected by the 4th Industrial Revolution

Some form of energy fuelled the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd industrial revolutions. The 1st revolution used steam, the 2nd – electricity; the 3rd saw the emergence of nuclear energy and the rise of electronics with... Read More

How to mitigate effects of Bullwhip phenomenon

How to mitigate the effects of the Bullwhip phenomenon

A common phenomenon in all supply chains is the amplification and distortion of demand fluctuations. These start off small at the retail level and amplify further up the chain. When cracking a bullwhip, the handle... Read More

Recession and Supply Chains

If a recession comes, is your supply chain ready?

It’s easy to look at stock market volatility and begin to wonder about the health of the economy. While it’s always worth remembering that indexes like the Dow Jones or the FTSE aren’t truly representative... Read More

Sales and Ops Teams Managing Inventory

How Your Sales and Ops Teams Affect Your Inventory

The styles of the Sales Manager and the Inventory Planner are usually total opposites. And when you throw the Finance and Marketing people into the mix, well, things can get interesting when trying to reach... Read More