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The Inventory Mentor

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What's the job of an inventory planner

A day in the life of an inventory planner

Managing a warehouse in manufacturing, distribution, and retail environments is increasingly tricky, because even smaller and mid-sized businesses are dealing with a global supply chain. A warehouse is a dynamic work space that requires nimble... Read More

Safety Stock Calculation with NETSTOCK

Do you know how to calculate Safety Stock?

Managing your company’s supply chain requires some tricky calculations. But all too often, planners and management will rely more on more intuitive understandings of how to plan their inventory instead of doing the math. For... Read More

Can't I just use sales to forecast?

Our business is impossible to forecast. Can’t I just use sales history to order?

This is a very common question. Let’s work with the two different parts of this question: 1) In our business, it’s impossible to forecast. Simply put, every business is doing some form of forecasting. We... Read More

Join NETSTOCK at this year’s Dynamics Summit

The NETSTOCK team is happy to announce we’ll be a sponsor at this year’s GPUG, part of the annual Summit expo for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs. We’ll be on the show floor at the Phoenix Convention... Read More

No Inventory Analytics?

Why do so few businesses use analytics for inventory?

Here’s a troubling stat that is not surprising in the least: “A new study reveals that only 34.7% of wholesale supply chain executives say their current inventory planning process provides actionable insights on customers, inventory... Read More

NETSTOCK at SuiteWorld18

Learn more about NETSTOCK at SuiteWorld18

The NETSTOCK crew is proud to announce we’ll be a sponsor at SuiteWorld18, the annual NetSuite user conference for customers, partners, media, and industry analysts. We’ll be on the show floor at the Sands Expo... Read More

Minimizing the fall out from stock-outs

If you need to provide high availability to keep your customers satisfied, stock-outs are quite simply a nightmare. Dealing with angry customers can send stress levels of your employees soaring. Your order and sales staff... Read More

Acumatica Inventory Webinar

How to optimize your Acumatica inventory with Scanco and NETSTOCK

Before an exciting Acumatica Summit kicks off later this month in Nashville, join the inventory experts at Scanco and NETSTOCK for a special Acumatica-sponsored webinar on how to drive more profit from your inventory. On... Read More

Why your excess inventory is a problem

Striking a balance in your warehouse is a daily challenge. Your fill rate shows you exactly how well you’re keeping up with orders and managing your inventory replenishment, but keeping that number high is easier... Read More

How to leverage the latest supply chain technologies

The NETSTOCK team is dedicated to informing you about supply chain innovations. It’s our passion and our expertise, and providing inventory optimization is why we built our app. On Wednesday, June 14th, we’ll be co-hosting... Read More