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The Inventory Mentor

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Supplier performance costing you money

Is supplier performance really important? To a great extent, improving customer fill rates while reducing the working capital tied up in inventory is achieved by managing the risk in the supply chain. In this blog... Read More

Is your inventory management system delivering value?

Despite using an Inventory Management System (IMS) are you still experiencing stock outs and excess inventory and suspect you are not getting full value from the system? The first point to clarify is that you... Read More

New items may be costing you a lot of money

Managing New items effectively There is hardly a business that does not find it necessary to launch new products from time to time. The shorter the product life cycle, the more frequently launches are likely... Read More

The pitfalls of excess stock disposal

Case study The Sales Manager had been under pressure to get rid of excess stock. He finally focused on the task and very successfully disposed of a large quantity of a particular item. To his... Read More

Choosing the best Inventory Management system

An all too common scenario:  Your company carries inventory to satisfy customer requirements yet no matter how much time you spend trying to calculate the perfect quantity to order: You continue to experience the frustrations... Read More

Why do I always have Excess stock?

Identifying some excess stock items may be as easy as walking around the warehouse and identifying the products that have not moved for ages. Those dusty old piles are most likely the worst form of... Read More

I have applied the 9 steps to optimal ordering. Why is my inventory still out of balance?

Will the diligent application of the 9 steps to optimal replenishment orders we discussed in a previous blog post result in perfect inventory balance, high customer service levels and minimum inventory investment levels? The quick... Read More

9 steps to optimal replenishment orders

An honest, objective analysis of stock-outs and items in excess will generally lead to the conclusion that the orders placed were not correct. Whilst there are indeed many other factors that also contribute to these... Read More

Inventory classification as easy as A-B-C

In inventory discussions we often hear the word “Classification” and that it is an essential part of the fundamentals of inventory. What is meant by “Classification” and why is it so important?  Is it simply... Read More

The major causes of stock-outs

What causes stock-outs? One common reaction to a stock-out is “the Buyer did not buy enough”. Stock-outs really hurt a business and it is important to understand the cause and not merely deal with the... Read More