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The Inventory Mentor

Feb 14, 2017

Looking back at Acumatica Summit 2017

Acumatica Summit 2017 was the biggest event in the growing ERP publisher’s history, and the NETSTOCK team was proud to be involved once again as a Gold Sponsor at the event. We caught up with Russ Graf, NETSTOCK’s Vice President of Sales – North America, who was on hand in La Jolla to talk about the expo.

The NETSTOCK team was primed for a big Summit this year. So, how’d it go?

It was just what we were hoping for. There were lots of people in attendance from throughout the Acumatica ecosystem. We discussed our inventory optimization app with numerous prospects and Acumatica users, and we already have several proposals out. But we also got to connect with lots of other people, too, like VARs and other ISVs.  It was a positive thing for our business to continue to make an impression on all of those folks.

And speaking of impressions, I understand NETSTOCK got some good attention.

Yes, we were happy to hear we were third in the ISV of the Year rankings! Although I did warn JAMS and Fusion — the two ISVs ahead of us — that we’re gunning for them next year. But it was great to be recognized like that, and we appreciate the growing connection that we have with Acumatica. The expo also gave us a chance to sit down and talk with some of the other ISVs that were there, too. That gives us an opportunity to see what is going on with our counterparts, and work on various connections that will be useful for users down the road. There are a lot of great solutions for Acumatica ERP, and we’re happy to represent inventory optimization as part of the overall supply chain solution for their customers.

And NETSTOCK certainly fits into the multi-cloud vision.

That’s absolutely right, and that was a big focus this year. Jon Roskill, Acumatica’s CEO, discussed that very thing during his keynote remarks. Seamless cloud inter-operation is really the future of this business, and NETSTOCK is a perfect example of that. We’re thrilled to be working with Acumatica to be a key component of that multi-cloud solution.

Anything else to report from Acumatica Summit 2017?

One other item of note: Acumatica announced several new “editions” of their solution at the conference. And two of those, the Commerce Edition – focused on eCommerce businesses – and the Small Business Edition, appear to be perfect for some level of “bundling” with NETSTOCK. So we’ve begun those discussions and it looks very promising.

And, of course, it is always great to attend a conference here in San Diego, which is a fantastic city, especially this time of year. We are really looking forward to a strong 2017 with Acumatica. We have new users coming online as we speak, which is always exciting. So there is a lot going on in the Acumatica world right now, and NETSTOCK is quite pleased to be able to deliver our inventory optimization app to their growing user base. It should be a great year!