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Minimise Stock Outs

Stock outs are terrible for your business. When a customer wants to buy an item from you and you don’t have stock

Don’t fight fires because you don’t have the right inventory

Imagine how many more sales you could make if you always had the correct inventory when your customers ordered it? You would immediately see the improvement on your bottom line.

It’s much easier to keep an existing customer than to find new ones. The easiest way to keep your customers is to provide great service on the items that they want.

So how does NETSTOCK do it?

The only way to keep on top of things is with focus:

Dashboard Fillrate

Fill Rate

  • Track your Fill rate against your target fill rate
  • Quickly drill into the items with the worst fill rate
  • Make sure you’re heading in the right direction
  • Review items where you are selling more than the forecast before they stock out

Stocked Out

  • Track the exact amount of lost sales because of stock-outs
  • Drill-down into the worst offenders, so that you can take immediate action
  • Sometimes it is better to buy the stock at a higher cost than to run the risk of losing a customer
  • Make more sales because you have the right inventory in the warehouse

Potential Stock Outs

  • Get early warning of items that will stock out, before they affect your fill rate
  • Procure those items as soon as possible to prevent potential lost sales
  • Prevent future fill rate issues