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Stock Projection

Get 3 months FREE on our Stock Projection module.

Offer available until Friday 29th May 2020 to all new customers that purchase NETSTOCK.
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Every company deserves the right to survive during these challenging times, and it’s our mission and responsibility to provide Inventory Planners with the right tools to achieve that.

The NETSTOCK Inventory Management App, together with our Stock Projection module, is all you need to optimize and manage your inventory. This will not only help you today but will ensure that the volatility that you are currently experiencing with your inventory projections doesn’t have a negative impact further down the line. It is crucial to know what your closing stock will be in 6 months to a year from now. With our ‘what-if’ analysis you will quickly see the financial and operational impact your forecast scenarios will have on your business, enabling you to make smart inventory decisions.

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Terms & conditions

  • This offer is only available on ERPs that we integrate with
  • You have until the 29th May 2020 to accept the offer
  • Once the NETSTOCK proposal is approved, and the App is implemented only then will the three months free usage commence on the Stock projection module
  • After your three months of free usage on the stock projection module, you have the option to pay for the ongoing use of the module or terminate it with no strings attached

Customer Praise

The Stock Projection module has been really helpful for us, especially at this time. At short notice, we had to re-forecast our entire business. The review of purchases and cash flow is now more critical than ever. Data from the stock projection module has helped us to build a detailed analysis to guide us in the process of making critical decisions.

Dinkie Rowsell - Senior Demand Planner
PC Group

This is a great tool to manage your inventory in line with your actual cost of sales budgets and indicates where you will be with your inventory levels further down the line. I’m also able to see my excess stock levels, which I can instantly action. The projected monthly receipts are great. It’s quick to review, and if we don’t agree, it highlights inaccuracies in forecasts, which are easy to adjust.

Melissa Carstens - Senior Category Manager
Home of Living Brands

I use the stock projection module to understand my closing numbers and incoming stock better and to ensure that the forecasted demand aligns with the budgeted Cost Of Sale numbers. It is a simple tool that can be used to assist in the understanding of stock-flow, consumption, and requirements.

Kevin Foyn - Senior Category Manager
Home of Living Brands

I have been using the Projections Module for just over five months now, which is a wonderful addition. Early on, I was able to use its capabilities to refine my inventory management policies and provide projections regarding inventory levels, purchase, etc., to my CFO. This resulted in more detailed financial planning models, as well a greater control of our inventory investment. The Projection module allowed me to conduct a variety of "what-if" scenarios. I could see the impact of the business slowdown caused by the COVID19 pandemic on my inventory figures and report these findings to my Buyers and CFO.

Steven J. Smuszkiewicz - Director of Procurement/Sourcing - New Jersey, USA
Becker's School Supplies

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