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Customer Praise


"The ROI we get from NETSTOCK makes it an easy investment gives all of us greater visibility and accountability."

Justin Dudley
, Logistics Director / Truaudio

"Since the implementation of NETSTOCK, our stock-outs have decreased considerably. We have been able to use customer forecast inputs to refine our forecasts to greater accuracy."

Ronald Schlosz
, Procurement Supervisor @ Deslee Mattex

“Without NETSTOCK we would be spending a lot more time on spreadsheets, forecasting, doing our own calculations, and not putting as much time into actually placing the order, expediting, or managing our suppliers."

Craig West
, Group Procurement Manager / All Round Supplies

"We were able to reduce our inventory value by an impressive $1,000,000 thanks to NETSTOCK."

Becky Wilkinson
, Supply Chain Manager @ Hartland Controls

“By reducing our inventory costs by over R40 million, we were able to optimize our working capital and use this elsewhere in the growth of the business.”

Jacobus Redelinghuys
, Supply Chain Manager / Pharma Dynamics

"We were sold when we discovered that it was a cloud-based solution, which made it easy to adopt, and the monthly costs were very attractive as they are based on the value of your stock."

Christopher Comodikes
, Operations & Supply Chain Executive / Pack Leader

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