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Partner Media Kit

All of the collateral below can be shared with your customers.


A NETSTOCK brochure in a4 or letter format


An introduction to NETSTOCK

Customer Videos

TruAudio – USA Based Audio equipment distributor

All Round Supplies – Australian provider of Supplies

PharmaDynamics – South African based Pharmaceutical distribution business

Pack Leader – South African supplier of pet food and accessories


Another great source of information for marketing material is (this site), which can be linked to your website, to assist in creating interest for your existing customers and your new prospects.

Watch an interactive demo

Watch an interactive demo now, where you select those features that are important for your customer. Or send this link to your customer and let them decide which features are important to them.

An interactive self-demo is usually a good place to start. Let your customer watch the demo where and when they want to.

Request a personalized online demo

Request an online demo with one of our experienced inventory experts, where they can expand on what your customer learned in the interactive demo.

Interact with us on Social Media

In the meantime, please reach out to us on Social Media and take a look at our blog, The Inventory Mentor.


PrionTex NETSTOCK testimonial

“[NETSTOCK’s] forecasting performance tool is outstanding and many other forecasting/buying tools on the market do not offer this feature.”


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“The type of information that is provided is fantastic. Being able to know, quickly, these are my top priorities that I need to focus on. I live off the dashboard in NETSTOCK at this point.”


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Truaudio Logo

"The ROI we get from NETSTOCK makes it an easy investment gives all of us greater visibility and accountability."

Justin Dudley
Logistics Director / TruAudio

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“We reduced our overall inventory value by 35% and improved our fill rate by 3%. An amazing result!”

Khoe Sheng Neoh
Commercial Manager, Minerals / Imdex Limited

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"We’ve tried several replenishment systems for NetSuite – we’ve found NETSTOCK to be head and shoulders ahead of others in terms of effectiveness."

Peter Macaulay
Kitchen Warehouse

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"Our inventory is in much better shape purely by investing in the right products, with our excess inventory down 36%, stock-outs down 68% and surplus orders down 85%."

Rob Krsanac
General Manager / Ward Packaging

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"We use NETSTOCK every day to get a snapshot of our inventory; fill rates, stock outs and forecasts, helping us to set realistic goals for all aspects of our business. We can’t live without it!"

Josh Eaton
Operations Manager / Starleaton Digital Solutions

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"The process of creating purchase orders and dealing with supply issues is now very efficient; Netstock has become crucial to helping us achieve our aim of 100% customer satisfaction"

Bill Sanderson
Managing Director / Sports Directory

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"Within 6 months, there was a 14% increase in product availability and a 38% increase in sales with just a 16% increase in focused investment."

Steven Cumper
Director and Co-founder / Medshop Australia

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"The implementation of this great tool was quick and painless and had us kicking goals in no-time"

Ian Goddard
Service & Installation Director / Jason Windows

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"One of our key reasons to implement NETSTOCK was to reduce excess stock. The $500k+ that’s now in our bank account rather than on our warehouse shelves is evidence enough we have achieved that!"

Tim McCredie
General Manager / Barrett Distributors

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