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Place Optimal Orders

It’s your least favourite time of the month: Ordering time. You spend hours, if not days doing mundane, soul destroying work:

  • Gather all the sales figures for all the products from a supplier
  • Attempt to do some kind of forecast, taking into account seasons and trends
  • Guess what kind of safety margin you should build in, because you don’t trust your forecast, or your supplier
  • Check what stock you still have on-hand, and offset it with firm orders from customers
  • Take the lead time for delivery into account
  • Take minimum order quantities, order multiples, or other supplier constraints into account

By the time you have all this information together in the mother-of-all Excel spreadsheets, it’s out of date.

Your life can be so much simpler

Instead of fighting spreadsheets every week, imagine if you could press a button, and the perfect order for a supplier shows up on your screen.

No matter how complex your supply chain is, you want the perfect order at every point in the chain:

  • Fill the shelves in all your retail outlets
  • Have your DC stocked precisely to supply your retail stores
  • Assemble the right amount of finished good in your manufacturing locations to supply the DC
  • Order the correct amount of raw materials from external suppliers, even if they have long lead times, to keep the manufacturing plant going

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew that every ordering decision at every one of those point are optimal, and driving you towards your ideal stocking policy?

So how does NETSTOCK do it?

Feature Tools

Forecast with ease

You cannot plan today if you don’t know what you’re going to sell tomorrow. Computer-generated forecasts take the drudge work out daily operations. Augment these with market intelligence from your sales team for optimal forecasts

Orders at the Click of a Button

Orders at the click of a button

Automatic inventory data collection and processing gives you ideal order recommendations with one click

Surplus Orders

  • Get early warning of orders that you have placed that will push your inventory into excess
  • Cancel or reduce those orders to prevent your precious working capital being tied up in dead inventory