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Pricing FAQ

What if my stock is just over the value listed?

Don’t worry if your stock value is a little over the line, we provide a grace value of up to 10% above the value stated before we increase your fees.

What if my business is seasonal and my stock value goes up and down?

You will probably find that the chance of you breaking into a higher threshold is small, but to help we do have a grace value of up to 10% greater than the threshold stated to help make this easier.

What does the activation fee cover?

The activation fee covers the remote install of the system and linking to your certified ERP system using the standard scripts. From there the training and education will be through tutorials and videos that are provided at no extra cost. We’ll also be there via chat rooms and email to help you get going.

Can I try this for free first?

Unfortunately we cannot do this due to the nature of the links and setup required. This is a month to month SaaS model so your exposure is very limited. Why not just give it a try at the fees quoted and cancel if it does not meet your expectations.

Which are the certified systems?

Check back here often as we are adding more.

The current certified systems are:

What if my system is not one of the certified systems?

Contact us to discuss this further. We may be working on scripts for your system and may be able to help.

What if I’m unhappy with the application?

We have a money-back guarantee in place in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied.  Terms and conditions apply.