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Reduce Excess Stock

Why is it that you always have too much of the items that don’t sell? Excess inventory in your warehouse is a major problem:

Do you know the Five Causes of Excess Inventory?

Take our free online course and discover the  five causes of excess inventory.  We will provide you with some industry best practices on preventing excess inventory.

Your business can do so much better

Imagine how quickly you could get rid of the Excess Inventory in your warehouse if you never ordered the wrong stuff? You would only order inventory that actually sold (and made a profit), instead of inventory that didn’t move (and cost you money).

What if you could always place the best order, even if your supplier imposed large ordering constraints on you?

And when you’ve placed an order, but market conditions change, do you find out too late? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you found out in time, so that you can cancel the order or at the very least reduce the quantities?

So how does NETSTOCK do it?

Dashboard Stock Holding

Stock Holding

  • Track your Stock holding over time against your Model inventory
  • Quickly drill into your highest stock levels
  • Make sure you’re heading in the right direction
  • Review items that are selling less than the forecast before they end up with excess

Excess Stock

  • Track the exact amount of Excess inventory in your warehouse over time
  • Drill-down into the worst offenders, so that you can take immediate action
  • Sometimes it is better to write-off dead stock, than to carry it for years and years

Surplus Orders

  • Get early warning of orders that you have placed that will push your inventory into excess
  • Cancel or reduce those orders to prevent your precious working capital being tied up in dead inventory

Need to fill a container?

  • Instead of blindly throwing items into the container to fill it, let NETSTOCK suggest important items that are coming up for ordering next
  • Easily pick the fast movers, or important items. Even though these items might be in excess when you receive the stock, they will sell quickly
  • This allows you to turn your container-filling exercise into a profit-making exercise
  • Add to an order based on Value, Units, Volume or Weight

Don’t let oppressive ordering constraints push you to order too much

  • Often your supplier imposes Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) constraints
  • NETSTOCK will recognise these, and show you how much you are over-stocking because of them
  • This allows you to either negotiate a better deal with your supplier, or seek a different supplier without the constraints
  • If nothing can be done, NETSTOCK will stretch your ordering cycleto accommodate the MOQ, even reducing the Safety Stock needed for the item, to minimise the impact of the constraint