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How well is your company
managing inventory?



We will ask you a few questions about how your company is managing inventory.  At the end you’ll receive:

  1. Your inventory performance
  2. Your comparison to industry benchmarks
  3. Personalized recommendations for improving your inventory performance

    [multilevel-quiz-wcf7-wrap title="HOW WELL IS YOUR COMPANY MANAGING INVENTORY?"] [li] [p][label]Select your industry[/label][/p] [li] [p][label]Is your Inventory data held in an Accounting/ERP system?[/label][/p] YesNo [/li] [li] [p][label]Do you use a Planning & Forecasting tool to calculate reorder quantities?[/label][/p] YesNo [/li] [li] [p][label]Do you trust the inventory quantity from your transaction system? [/label][/p] Don't trustMostly trustHigh trust [/li] [li] [p][label]Are your items classified into ABC (Pareto) groups?[/label][/p] YesNo [/li] [li] [p][label]Do you create item forecasts for a minimum of 6 periods into the future? [/label][/p] YesNo [/li] [li] [p][label]How complex is your forecast calculation?[/label][/p] SimpleBetter than simpleComplexMultiple algorithms [/li] [li] [p][label]How frequently do you review forecasts?[/label][/p] We Don'tWhen orderingAd hoc input obtainedMonthly [/li] [li] [p][label]What tools do you use to calculate reorder quantities?[/label][/p] SpreadsheetsCustom reportsPlanning tools [/li] [li] [p][label]What logic is used to trigger recommended order quantity?[/label][/p] Fixed order-up-to qtyDays of coverRe-order point(rop) [/li] [li] [p][label]Do you identify safety stock separately in your reorder calculation? [/label][/p] YesNo [/li] [li] [p][label]How is your safety stock set for items? [/label][/p] ManuallyDynamically [/li] [li] [p][label]Are stock outs measured, published and monitored on a monthly basis[/label][/p] YesNo [/li] [li] [p][label]Do you quantify lost business due to stock outs?[/label][/p] YesNo [/li] [li] [p][label]Do you have visibility of potential stock outs before they happen?[/label][/p] YesNo [/li] [li] [p][label]Is excess stock measured, published and monitored on a monthly basis?[/label][/p] YesNo [/li] [li] [p][label]Can you identify surplus orders?[/label][/p] YesNo [/li] [li] [p][label]Do you measure supplier reliability?[/label][/p] YesNo [/li] [li] [p][label]Last Question, are lead times frequently updated?[/label][/p] YesNo [/li] [/multilevel-quiz-wcf7-wrap]