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Reducing Excess Inventory

May 2, 2017

The 5 Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory

Woman carrying on her shoulders a large box.

Is your business hiding some extra weight in the back of your warehouse where nobody goes?

It’s a problem most business managers don’t like to think about.  We hide the excess in complex spreadsheets and forecasts.  Knowing we have too much inventory, we’ll still place orders for overstocked items because of tasty looking incentive discounts.

Solutions for reducing excess inventory are met with skepticism and are perceived as risky, or not practical. We compare ourselves to other businesses that have similar problems, pretending that it is normal for our industry.  Sound familiar?

The all-too-simple inventory diet plans will often have you cutting back on the most important items, leaving your inventory even more unhealthy.

When your inventory is so overweight getting back on track can seem like an impossible task.  However, with the right coach and approach, it can actually be quite easy to make a business lifestyle change that will naturally result in a more healthy inventory.

Our core team has more than 100 years of combined experience on all sides of supply chain management.

The first step is to gain clarity about where your inventory is today and how much your excess is costing you. We have seen extra stock cause a cascading set of issues, all of which come with a cost.

How much is your business actually wasting on excess inventory?

  1. First count how much capital is tied up in items that are stuck in your warehouse
  2. Then add the cost of the warehouse space required to house excess inventory
  3. Then add the insurance and spillage costs that are guaranteed
  4. Finally, add the amount of time that workers have to deal with all that extra stuff

Bottom line: excess inventory = cash flow killer

In this FREE course you’ll learn about the 5 hidden root causes of excess inventory and how to easily prevent them with some simple industry best practices.  Our clients have reported the following benefits:

  1. Get your inventory back to a healthy level
  2. Free up cash for growing your business
  3. Improve the processes that lead to excess inventory

See the 5 Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory: Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory (1 of 5)

Written by Craig de Kock

Craig comes from an engineering background, receiving his degree from the University of Pretoria in the early ’90s. His experience in supply chain started in 1992, where he joined a team developing ERP and logistics solutions for local organizations in South Africa. Focusing in supply chain, Craig moved to a specialist supply chain business in the early '90s and moved through the ranks to eventually end up managing a team of consultants on various supply chain projects in SA. Craig joined Barloworld logistics as General Manager of product development and was responsible for the development, testing, and international rollout of their inventory optimization product. Craig later expanded his talents and joined a team to manage IT infrastructure, IT Projects, Warehousing, Operations and Supply chain in a cellular business as the COO and later CIO. In 2011 Craig went back to his supply chain roots and joined the cloud-based Inventory Management company NETSTOCK. He began his journey at NETSTOCK, building the business from the ground up. Today Craig is President for NETSTOCK in the USA and CIO for the group. Craig focuses on NETSTOCK customers, empowering his team to make sure they have the right systems and processes in place to deliver a superior customer experience.

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